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Prowise Touchscreen

The choice for the future

When using the Prowise Touchscreen you are able to effortlessly benefit from the world’s most innovative interactive experience. The finest quality materials complement the software and hardware created by Prowise to provide unique education and presentation possibilities. Reduced energy consumption,with brand new price as well as the standard 5-year onsite warranty ensure an unprecedentedly low cost of ownership.

Available in 55” 65” 75” & 86”

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About the Prowise Touchscreen

Writing experience Prowise Touchscreen

55inch screen
65inch screen
75inch screen
86inch screen

Best Price Guarantee

Touchscreen from top segment

The Prowise Touchscreen is unique when it comes to technical specifications, quality, the simplicity of use and innovative design and engineering.

In addition, we try to showcase the groundbreaking price-point of the screen. The Prowise option is affordable but without compromising quality, usability, or innovation.

The Prowise Touchscreen is still developed and produced completely by Prowise, therefore, we control all the manufacturing process. The popularity of the screens means we are able to manufacture large quantities whilst keeping our costs low. These cost benefits are reflected within the cost of the Prowise Touchscreen.

Combine the unbeatable price together with the lowest failure rate available in the market, the unique full five-year on-site warranty, service and also the low energy consumption and you can also achieve a lowest total price of ownership for any screen that you can buy.

Best possible viewing experience

The 4K Ultra HD IPS Panel guarantees, the ideal viewing experience. Specifically, because the best LG panels are utilized.

With a viewing angle of 178°, the information on the screen will be visible for all due to the IPS and Anti-glare Pro technology.

The outstanding colour accuracy brings images alive. The Prowise pixel warranty guarantees that the Touchscreen is replaced in the highly unlikely event that it has dead pixels.

geluid tv


Razor-sharp and crystal-clear

The fully-integrated 2.1 soundbar ensures crystal-clear sound. The 2 integrated speakers (in the front) and subwoofer (at the rear) are certified as Dolby Audio.

You have a premium quality of sound available without resorting to external audio amplifiers.


World of opportunity

The 4 built-in microphones introduce you to a whole world of opportunity inside the classroom. They recognise voices and individuals} from as far off as eight metres.

Which means you can invite external experts to the class via Skype or similar VoIP applications and utilize the touchscreen to make learning come to life.

prowrite ink pens

ProWrite Ink

More precise than ever

The 2 ergonomic pens enable 2 people to be able to write upon the touchscreen simultaneously. The pens are usually programmed with two colours (bottom and top) and deliver an even and realistic writing experience.

The skinny pen tip along with advanced touch technology ensure that the writing experience is much more accurate and quicker than ever.

ProWrite Ink may be used in conjunction with ProNote, Presenter & Windows Ink (Windows 10). The Prowise Touchscreen comes normally with two pens.

5 years of free updates
5 years of free updates
5 years of free updates

Prowise Central

Everything within reach

The functions you employ on a regular basis are there within our user-friendly interface. Prowise Central is fully incorporated within the Touchscreen along with personal settings in easy reach.


With the press of a button, you can navigate to Prowise Presenter, your browser or one of our own apps: ProNote and Reflect.

prowise central


Easily take notes on the white background, or explain web pages, PDFs along with other documents. Use ProNote to easily share a document with any device from your Touchscreen.

prowise reflect


Project a student’s device upon the large screen and focusing the interest of your class to ensure that they're involved. Control as many as 4 devices from your Touchscreen, all without attaching cables or dongles. Reflect is absolutely free, and doesn't need additional licenses.


prowise store

Prowise Store

With this app store, you are able to copy several useful applications for education and productivity, for example, Microsoft Skype, Word, Excel and OneNote.

Prowise iPro lift systems

Accessible for everyone

Utilize the Touchscreen at the right height and the right place that suits you best.

The iPro Toddler and iPro Tilt lifts often are tilted to ensure that students can walk, sit and stand around them.

Our iPro lift systems are GS certified. Learn More...

Prowise PC Modules

Turn your Touchscreen into a computer

Insert your Prowise PC module into the OPS slot within seconds. They're designed with a highly effective Intel processor, an Ultra HD video card and a very fast SSD drive to get the most benefit from the touchscreen.

With Intel vPro, the Intel Core i7 PC unit allows IT professionals to observe, secure, manage and support all PC modules remotely.

The Prowise PC units are also the only ones in the world to obtain the Geprüfte Sicherheit certification. Learn More...

Prowise PC modules
prowise easy login


Easy login

Hold the card up against the screen to carry out common operations.

Sign in to Prowise Central or your Windows PC in just one motion and personalise your settings to obtain your lessons started with no fuss in any way.

Switching between classrooms and various Touchscreens has never been more straightforward.


Energy Efficient

The Prowise Touchscreen is ENERGY STAR endorsed.
This demonstrates Prowise Touchscreens are some of the best in the market, and they are at the vanguard when it comes to energy-effectiveness. Our screens:

- Use future-proof materials
- Use Sustainable packaging
- Are produced in a manner that is accountable to the planet, society and nature

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<prowise warranty

Five-year warranty

Total peace of mind

The Prowise Touchscreen carries a standard warranty duration of five-years. That is a full warranty for this period.

All components and labour charges are covered. Prowise provides on-site service in Benelux, Germany as well as the UK.

You can even select from two extra warranty packages: up to 7 and 8-year warranties.


Usable for everyone

Rotate, drag and focus in or focus out with multiple users simultaneously. The 32 (55" & 65") and 20 touch points provide an advanced level of engagement, encouragement and allow for collaboration, as an example, when you make use of the Touchtable tools in Presenter.

Features a handheld remote control customised specifically for education.

The incorporated light sensors automatically adjust the screen brightness for the optimal level.

prowise touchpoints
prowise interaction


Discover the many benefits

A whole world of user-friendly unique teaching possibilities: Presenter, ProConnect, ProNote and Reflect.

Connect all devices including Prowise Chromebooks, Prowise EduBooks (Windows), the brand new} All-in-One PC, tablet or smartphone.

Privacy and security

Privacy Verified

Prowise MOVE is the ideal solution for a range of applications. Think of primary, secondary and higher education, meeting rooms and the general business environment.

We understand that the use of our products is accompanied by the processing of personal and confidential data (for instance company or student data).

The safe and responsible processing of the personal data of our users is of the highest importance to Prowise.

The Privacy Verified certification proves that your personal data is in safe hands.

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